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The Future of Hiring: Exploring AI and Automation in Recruitment

Talent acquisition and recruitment is a long-drawn process. Hiring for any position takes anywhere between a few weeks to a few months. Now, imagine the plight of recruiters, and the time and resources a company has to allocate to complete the recruitment...

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Leverage Remote Work with Recruitment Staffing

Since the pandemic gained momentum, so did the concept of remote work. Earlier there were only a handful of organizations who had even had the idea of how remote work works. Cut to 2020, when the world battled with a deadly pandemic and businesses feared losing their stand, remote work...

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Talent Recruitment Strategies - How to improve your employer brand?

Modern-day industries are highly volatile. One of the key benefits of finding talent for organizations is that they are available in huge numbers. However, there is a problem. Sometimes, HR managers, operating in any of the industries, fail to match the right skill with the right candidate...

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